Welcome to Express News Papers Ceylon LTD

  With readership numbering over 10 million for both print and online publications, Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Ltd. products are synonymous with success, quality and innovation. Our products are popular among the Tamil-language communities and households in Sri Lanka and across the world. We deliver credible, informative and valuable news in order to create a knowledgeable public.

  Beginning in 1930 with one edition, we have now become the 3rd largest newspaper group in the country covering all districts with 5 national editions. We also publish weekly community newspapers for Tamils in the hill country, Tamils in the Jaffna peninsula and the Muslim population. In addition, we publish 7 magazines ranging from culture and dance to construction and interior design to health and wellness, 5 publications in Tamil , 01 in English, and 01 in Sinhala also. Our publications are distributed throughout the island, even as we continue to reach audiences in the Middle East, Scandinavian countries, Europe, UK, Australia, and North America. With the number of diverse products which cater to different ages and professions, there is no doubt that at least one of our publications can be found in every household. Our audiences are far and wide. Our readers can be found in villages, cities, across the island and the globe.

  We cater to CEOs, Managers, Professionals, Artists, Students, other citizens of the country and even tourists on holiday in Sri Lanka. In order to service our clients, sponsors and advertisers, we have established 12 branches across the island. Each Branch Manager is responsible for the geographical coverage assigned to them and is the focal point of the company in the regions. ENCL's 6 newspapers with 16 weekly supplements, 2 tabloids, 7 magazines and 9 web sites reach diverse market segments and all potential clients for any product. Advertising with us will ensure that the key audiences the client desires will be reached efficiently and economically.