If you wish to enroll at one of the best universities in Sri Lanka for an IT degree and consider selecting the BIT degree programme at UCSC, and it would not be a burden on your budget and would be flexible for the students based on their background. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Is offered by the UNIVERSITY OF COLOMBO SCHOOL OF COMPUTING. Over 40,000 candidates have enrolled for the BIT programme since its inception in the year 2000.This degree is designed to produce qualified IT professionals through external mode and encourage students to obtain skills in commercial IT applications and in the usage of necessary tools. In addition, this degree also enables the opportunity to enter into a state university as it is very competitive to obtain such a degree in a state university.
Documents need for registration at UCSC
  1. Originals & Photo copies of the following:
  • National ID Card (for Sri Lankan citizens)/valid Passport (for foreign nationals)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (Where necessary)
  • Educational certificates

(a) For Candidates who have obtained three passes in the GCE Advanced Level examination in one sitting
(New Syllabus) after 2000 or four passes in the GCE Advanced Level examination in one sitting (Old Syllabus) before 2000

GCE O/L Certificate

(ii) GCE A/L Certificate

(b) FIT Letter issued by University of Colombo School of Computing (for those who have not qualified through GCE A/L)

  1. Copies of colour photographs of passport size (on Red Background and Candidate’s ears should be clearly visible in each and every photo)
Career Outcomes

BIT (University of Colombo – UCSC) degree opens up the following career paths upon graduation: