Online Payment Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions governing your tuition fee payments to HCBT


HCBT: Horizon College of Business & Technology. No 60, Millenium Drive, Chandrika Kumaranathunge Mawatha, Malabe and its College locations.

Student: A person registered for a Programme of study with the College, or intending to register for such a Programme of study.

Programme: The Programme of study of taught study or research at the College.

Tuition fees: The fees payable in respect of the Programme of study.

Academic Year: The University year, this runs from September until June of the following year.

Calendar Year: This runs from September until September of the following year.

Fees and payments

It is the responsibility of the Student to ensure that the College Tuition Fees in respect of the Programme are paid at the beginning of the programme or begging of each semester of study.

The fees must be paid prior to or at registration (enrolment) whether directly by the Student or on the Student’s behalf by a third party (such as a relative, employer or other sponsor).

Students are required to abide by HCBT’s regulations in respect of Tuition Fees and payments.
Rs.1,000/=is the minimum amount can be paid online
All online payments are subject to realization
HCBT is not responsible for card centre decisions and activities.
Fees paid to HCBT will not be not refunded under any circumstances.

The payment of any sums intended to be in respect of Tuition Fees by or on behalf of the Student does not in itself indicate the existence of a contract between the University and the Student. A contract for Programme of study provision shall only come into being when the Student registers (enrols) on the Programme of study.

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Tuition fee deposits

HCBT requires successful applicants to selected postgraduate programmes to pay a tuition fee deposit.

Read more about tuition fee deposits and view HCBT’s deposit policy

Late payment and late fee charges

Students failing to pay on time will be given a debtor status (debt flag) on Portico that may result in academic sanctions including the loss of services. Continued non-payment of an undisputed debt (with no agreed payment arrangements in place) may result, at HCBT’s discretion, in the passing of the debt to an external agency.

Currency conversion and bank charges

All payments made through this online payment facility must be made in Sri Lankan Rupees. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall be borne by the Student or the third party making payment and shall not be deductible from the amounts due to the College.

Payments by Third Parties

Payment of Tuition Fees by a person or organisation other than the Student does not constitute a contract for admission to the College, nor for the provision of a Programme of study between such person or organisation and the University.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and to be construed in accordance with Sri Lanka Law. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Sri Lanka courts.

Overpayments and refunds

Payments made online for Tuition Fees will be applied to the Student’s College account in accordance with the details submitted electronically.

In the event that an overpayment is made against the total of Tuition Fees due, the credit balance arising will be used to offset any debt or invoice arising from accommodation, library debts or any other legitimate charge in due date order. If there is no other debt or invoice, any remaining credit balance will be refunded in accordance with the College normal refund procedure. Refunds must be requested and supported by written authorisation from the Student.

The College will make any refund payable to the card account or bank account from which the original payment was received.