VIRAKESARI 400 FRONT PAGES book handed over to Singapore National Library

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Singapore National Library

The National Library is every nation’s knowledge institution, preserving its cultural and literary heritage as well as providing trusted referenceservices. The National Library of Singapore (NLS), located on an 11,304-square meter site between Bugis Junction and the Bras BasahComplex at 100, Victoria Street, is a national knowledge institution empowering individuals and businesses with knowledge and information asit continuously expands its vast array of reference collections and services. The NLS is responsible for preserving and making accessible thenation’s literary and publishing heritage, and intellectual memory.
On 30th October 2014, we visited to National Library in Singapore and handed over our prestigious VIRAKESARI 400 FRONT PAGES bookwhich was released on its 80th Anniversary. The book contains our first newspaper front page published in 1930 with another 400 importantfront pages printed in 80 years. Also it explains the history of Virakesari and the contribution of important personalities. This book was handedover by Our IT Manager Mr. T. Thayalan, to the Library on his official Visit to Singapore.