When it is launched in 2005 Virakesari E-paper is srilanka’s first E-paper and the world’s first Tamil E-paper. Today virakesari online is a premier news and entertainment portal with over 2.5 million hits a day from across the world.


epaper.vidivelli.lk is a digital version of the vidivelli newspaper which translates to “The morning star” in English a broad sheet newspaper with approximately 16 pages published on Thursdays.

Metro epaper

epaper.metronews.lk is a digital version of the metro newspaper which serves to provide information to young readers in a hurry with brief and informative articles on topical and important happenings in Srilanka and across the world. 


epaper.newsexpress.lk is a digital version of Daily Express and  Weekend Express newspaper which include both Daily Express & Weekend Express in it Daily Express publish on every monday to thursday and Weekend Express publish on every friday.


This is  digital version of siyadesa newspaper.It contain 12pages and publish every weekdays.This paper include not only local news but also world,sport news.


Sooriyakanthi.lk like its print counterpart is dedicated to the Tamil community from the hill country. This website is accessed in the form of an e-paper.
The print edition of sooriyakanthi is published every Wednesdays. Access to the archives is a special feature of this website.

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